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  • Forest Fairy Y8 Forest Fairy Forest Fairy Dress up: In the mysterious forest there live many fairies. Among them you will find
  • Ice Creamed Y8 Ice Creamed The adults have frozen the town's ice cream supply! Help the KND scoop up the missing sweets!
  • Cog Factory Y8 Cog Factory The cog factory has cut back on its workforce leaving only you in charge of sorting all the cogs
  • Gung-Ho Y8 Gung-Ho Click on the sleeping workers to wake them up and maintain productivity.
  • Industrial Zombies Tribute to Grow Y8 Industrial Zombies Tribute to Grow Play as a god and control the planet according to your will!
  • Toon Shift Y8 Toon Shift Help the factory Boss to get the toons to work!
  • Productivity Y8 Productivity Click on the sleeping workers to wake them up and maintain productivity.
  • Fanta Factory Defender Y8 Fanta Factory Defender Build towers along the road to defend the factory. Click on a tower you have built to see upgrade
  • Site Kick Factory Y8 Site Kick Factory Welcome to the YAP! Industries Sitekick Factory! Advance the assembly line by standing. to drop a
  • Sue Chocolate Candy Maker Y8 Sue Chocolate Candy Maker Use the candy machine and help Sue make as many candies as possible!
  • Sue Tomato Factory Y8 Sue Tomato Factory Make as many bottles of ketchup as possible by growing your tomatoes and filling the machine with
  • Cake Factory Y8 Cake Factory Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.
  • Ignite Assembly Line Y8 Ignite Assembly Line The future of the Ignite lighter factory is at stake. Help David and Pedro in their working frenzy