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  • Wow Witch Room Escape Y8 Wow Witch Room Escape Wowescape has brought you a new escape game called Wow Witch Room Escape. You are trapped in a
  • Habla Kadabla Y8 Habla Kadabla Habla Kadabla is a nice witch who owns a small shop in Moonfield. One morning she discovers that her
  • Anime Witch Dressup Y8 Anime Witch Dressup Harper is an adorable witch who can cast spells using her enchanted wand and the help of her magical
  • Witch In Snow Y8 Witch In Snow This cute little witch will need your help in choosing her dress from a wide selection of glamorous
  • Tractor Treat Y8 Tractor Treat In dark spaces, a lots of scary stuffs are waiting for you. Keep your eyes open, and drive your
  • Good Witch Makeover Y8 Good Witch Makeover Are you a good witch or a bad witch? Give this magical wand-wielder a morality makeover. Place her
  • Wizard 101 Y8 Wizard 101 Wizard101 is a Free to play Online Multiplayer Wizard school adventure video game with collectible
  • Ben 10 Halloween Night Y8 Ben 10 Halloween Night It's halloween night and Ben 10 decided to go outside to collect pumpkins to cook a delicious cake
  • MapleStory Knights of Cygnus Y8 MapleStory Knights of Cygnus Throw daggers & cast spells to keep the skeleton monsters at bay for as long as possible.
  • Mystic Emporium Y8 Mystic Emporium Manage your magic store as you make potions for customers and earn money managing your shop.